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ARCH Board of Directors Welcome Letter

Dear New Board Member,

We’re so thrilled to welcome you to ARCH’s Board of Directors!

All caring people feel an emotional tug on their humanity when confronted with the issue of homelessness. The difference is, you have chosen to take meaningful action. Your compassion and commitment will impact countless lives of people in need. We are so grateful to have you on board. Thank you!

As you know, ARCH assists individuals and/or families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We have worked passionately to research and implement a range of programs (please see the comprehensive list, attached) to empower and brighten the lives of the needy.

All of us at ARCH love the purpose-driven work we do, but we couldn’t do it nearly as well without your valuable expertise. The agency owes its continued success to awesome people like you.

Quite simply, you raise our game. And, that allows us to do so much more for the men, women and children we serve. Expect to witness tears of gratitude, and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re changing lives, not just for a few nights or weeks, but forever.

We look forward to seeing you at the Quarterly Meetings and will keep you updated with emails throughout the year. It is our honor to be able to work with so many excellent people, and important leaders in the community.

So, thank you so much again. Here’s to an incredible year of positive change and hope! Can’t wait to get started.