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B2B Demand Gen- Digital CX for the Connected Customer

Dear Sir/Madam,

Remember when what your customers had to say about you could be scrawled on a paper in a suggestion box, relegated to a call center conversation, a web forum, or an email? Today we know that customer experiences (CX) positive and negative, are conducted and shared in real time, through pictures, videos, and posted with great passion.

We also know that customer retention is far more cost effective than customer acquisition. And while there is, of course, an altruistic component to ensuring customer satisfaction, a positive CX also holds profound significance for your company’s financial success and longevity. So, how do you stay ahead of the game, and in your customers' good favor when the touch points along the customer journey are multiplying at an often overwhelming rate?

Genesys’ CX Platform enables you to keep up, providing cross-functional engagement throughout the customer journey, a single integrated platform across all channels, while providing insightful analytics surrounding your customer experience on the changing digital business landscape.

In his article “Digital CX for the Connected Customer”, award-winning author Brian Solis expounds upon today’s evolving CX landscape, to help you understand the current challenges and, ultimately, the opportunities that beckon on the horizon.

In the article, Solis posits that, “As technology becomes a permanent fixture in everyday life, organizations are faced with an increasing need to update legacy technology strategies and supporting methodologies to better reflect how the real world is evolving. The need to do so is becoming increasingly obligatory.”

Among topics covered in the article are:

• The State of Customer Experience.

• Separating Good Customer Service from the Bad.

• The Generation Divide: A New Era of Customer-Centric Service • Change Starts with Customer Empathy First, Then Vision.

• The State of Digital Transformation.

• The Digital Transformation Checklist.

In his article, Solis also refers to a 2010 MIT study commissioned by IT consultancy Capgemini where it was found that “‘digitally mature’ companies are up to 26% more profitable."

Please read and enjoy this informative article (and feel free to drop a suggestion in the box!)