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The CreativeTao "Show Us Your Fridge" Campaign

Dear Creative People with Refrigerators,

As an homage to the time-honored tradition of “What’s in Your Bag?” (Living under the proverbial rock?  Search it on YouTube and take a voyeuristic trip inside a kaleidoscope of Spades and Birkins) we at CreativeTao bring you, “Show Us Your Fridge!”  

But, unlike our peeping predecessors, we don’t want to see the food and stuff on the INSIDE.  For the first time, we’re gonna go ahead and say, it’s what’s on the OUTSIDE that counts!  

We think that the stuff (or lack thereof) someone displays on their refrigerators is as illuminating as….a Cosmo quiz, the way you take your coffee, handwriting analysis!  Who among us, at a house party, hasn’t stalled a moment in front of someone’s fridge, to read the latest absurdist magnet poetry, or glimpse a family vacation photo from the 90’s (the original #tbt)?  There are those of us with a magnet from every state we’ve visited, and those of us with a calming expanse of flawless stainless steel nothingness.  We don’t care “how interesting” it is, WE JUST WANNA SEE IT!  

Luckily, you don’t have to invite us all to your house party (we know you don’t have THAT many Red Solo Cups).  Simply take a picture of the outside of your fridge RIGHT NOW (Do your best not to alter it.  Just capture a snapshot of its current state.) Then, number the items clockwise from Left to Right, and give us a very brief description of each.  (For an example, see Yokido’s Fridge below.) Then, send it to us!  It’s fun!

Wanna Show us Your Fridge?  Please do!  And let’s show those purse people there’s more to life than “devices” and lip gloss (though we do enjoy a great lip gloss.)

Happy Fridging, Loves!

The Creativity Sherpas at CreativeTao

Yokido’s Fridge (clockwise, from L-R)

1. Some “turkey hand art” my nephew made in kindergarten this year!  I love that even though all “turkey hand art” looks the same, each hand is different.  We may be a conformist society on the outside, but underneath we are all unique and full of artistic potential!  Also, this art makes me hungry for mashed potatoes and stuffing.

2. Yeah!  Snowboarding in Aspen before the Aspen Comedy Festival in 2007.  I knitted that boss hat myself.  That evening, milk would shoot out of my nose while watching Damon Wayans.  

3. My To-Do list.  I’m making progress and would now describe myself as a formidable novice lindy hopper.  Number 4 continues to elude me, but I’m signed up for “Novel Writing 101” at www.universalclass.com so, stay tuned (at least for chapter 1!)

4. Snorkeling in Aruba, during the Aruba International Film Festival.  I had the Beach Boys song, “Kokomo” stuck in my head the whole time!!

5. “YOLO” is cool (I rock it on a neon yellow trucker cap) but “YOLO” wouldn’t exist without “Carpe Diem”, and I’m nothing if not old school.  Seize the day, I say! (Drake and Horace agree!)

6. A macaroni yin yang.  Because, why not?

7. Katy Perry’s inspirational lyrics have gotten me through a lot.  And, what a great show!  I even got one of the dancing sharks to sign my chest!  Good times.

YOUR TURN!  Go snap a pic, and “Show Us Your Fridge!”    

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