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Website Copy: Moms Linked

Hi, Mom!


Once you had one name.  
You were Paige, or Jennifer, or Nicole…..

But now you’re super-sized, extra-strength, more than just your self….

Now you nurture, rescue, soothe, shape, and LOVE.

Now, you are Mom.

Welcome to Moms Linked, the meeting place for Moms to share love, health, and happiness with other Moms…

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Before the baby wakes up!

Real moms aren’t “perfect.”

We struggle.
We strive.
We celebrate.

We fall down and get back up!

You’re not alone!  

You’re not alone scrubbing mac and cheese off the wall.
You’re not alone juggling your work-life, family-life, spiritual-life and all that goes with it.
You’re not alone wondering if an “Empire” marathon, in sweatpants, constitutes a “date night”.

And, you’re not alone feeling like, sometimes, you’re all alone.

We all need to laugh, cry, and ponder with other people who “get it.”

By linking together we find confidence, comfort and strength to be our best.
By linking together, we find community.

(P.S. Add some delicious take-out and a taper candle, and yes, it’s a date!)


Moms Linked is a community for friendship and support all along the journey of motherhood.

The journey is never boring!  Sometimes it’s about freaking out before clipping your baby’s fingernails for the first time (the manicure shop won’t do that….right?), or slathering peanut butter on celery sticks for “Ants on a Log”, or running home to find a missing ballet slipper before the recital.

Sometimes it’s about capturing memories (why won’t they just look at the photographer with the squeaky toy?), discovering new party ideas, soothing a sniffly nose, or learning how to do 20 different cartoon voices for story time.

Our goal is to lend support, while you’re being the best mom you can be, and enjoying every minute of it (well, most minutes of it.)   
You’ll find classes, activities and resources in your neighborhood and online, including meet-ups, local and national events, mommy blogs, Mental Health & Fitness Coaching and opportunities to support Post Partum and Child Hunger charities.

We’re happy you’re here!

Whatever your own “given name”, come share and explore.

Here, at MomsLinked, we go by one name…………..Mom.  

Welcome, Mom!


Have an idea for the site?  
Want to shower us with praise, or tell us a joke?  
How can we help you make the world a better place?

 We love hearing from you!

We’re the MomsLinked team!  

Queens of the Juice Box,
Experts in the Art of Noseblowing,
Can sing “Wheels on the Bus”, in 3-part harmony, while stuck in traffic…

Nice to meet you!  
Here are our stories….

Meet the MomsLinked team!  

We’re Moms, like you.  

Sometimes Enlivened.  Sometimes Exhausted.  Always Elegant.

Nice to meet you!  
Here are our stories….

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