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Website Copy: Outliers Extreme Sports Apparel

About Us:

Now here’s a little story, we’ve got to tell…

It's the 90's in Pearland, TX, a suburb of Houston.

Sounds of The Beastie Boys’ “Paul Revere” blasts somewhere in the distance.  Insects buzz in the late afternoon sun.  Two kids, Jared and Daniel, total strangers, board the school bus home.  Little do they know, a legendary friendship is about to be born.

As the bus winds through the neighborhood, Jared turns to Daniel, and says, “wanna ride bikes?”  The rest is history.  

Soon they’re spending their days building bike jumps in the woods, canonballing into pools, pulling ollies off curbs, and pretty much getting scraped up as much as possible.

Fast forward to early adulthood.  Daniel enters the military, and completes a combat tour in Iraq.  Jared graduates college, and has a son (who, following in his fathers footsteps, is just as pumped up about BMX and skateboarding.)

Though Jared and Daniel have been transformed by their separate experiences, their friendship remains unchanged, bonded by the memories, the adrenaline, and by their common dream of going to the edge and jumping off.

Together, they created Outliers for the other adrenaline junkies out there.  The Outliers brand is for those who feel most alive with the grit of sand, snow, or ocean spray on their faces.  It’s for the legends past, and the legends still to be, who desire Comfort, Quality and Performance while doing the “impossible.”  

Here’s to the Outliers.

Riding across the land, kicking up sand….

Wanna ride bikes?

Web Copy:

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Welcome to Outliers Apparel:

Our goal is to Outfit Humanity with the Finest Threads....

...One epic individual at a time.

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We are thrill seekers, just like you.

We seek the rush of the biggest jumps, the softest powder, the freshest halfpipes, and the sickest pipelines...

Image 3

We believe you can be comfortable and stylish, whether you’re pulling off gnarly stunts, or taking it easy.

That’s why we created our one-of-a-kind, (and supremely soft) T-shirts!

Image 4

Made from a signature “Tri-Blend”, our T-shirt’s are calibrated to be the most comfortable you’ll ever own.

They are Pre-Shrunk, Tagless, featuring “Zero Touch Feel”, which means the design melts into the fabric, and becomes one with the shirt.  

That’s one rad recipe…

Image 5

But, to us, it’s more than “just ” a shirt.  

We’re aiming for the holy grail of trifectas: Comfort, Quality and Performance.  

Our brand strives to nail each of these cornerstones:

Durable enough for your adventures.
Priced so you can afford to buy more than one.
A fit that you’ll love and want to wear again and again.

We’re confident our pieces will become your new favorite threads.  

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Outlier [out-lie-yer] (n):  

1. Someone who stands apart from others and courageously follows their bliss.
3. Someone that lies outside the main group, boldly leading the way to new territories.
3. A visionary observation or strong conviction with the power to change the world.

Image 7
The dictionary may define the word, but you can’t be defined.
You have wheelies to pop, skies to dive, monkeys to high five, rafts to ride.
You’re a visionary and an iconoclast.

You’re an Outlier.